The regional civil society call for inclusive dialogue and commitment to sustainable peace in Burundi.

The political crisis in Burundi remains unresolved and appears to deepen with each passing day. The government, regional leaders and the international community need to act before it is too late.

In #PunchBack this week: The political crisis in Burundi remains unresolved. Despite the rhetoric of “African solutions to African problems”, apparently nothing is going to address this issue at regional and continental levels. A crisis breaking out anywhere in the continent presents an opportunity to demonstrate pan-African solidarity, Ubuntu. Or does Africa still need lessons on conflict resolution? Watch the and share your thoughts.

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Despite valid and widespread concerns about President Nkurunziza’s wish to run for another term, the alleged constitutional crisis in Burundi is imaginary. The root causes of the eastern African nation’s turmoil run deeper, concerning domestic and international political, economic and social issues.

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The argument pushed by Nkurunziza and his backers for a third presidential term is unconvincing. This, and the fact that many people have really not enjoyed the fruits of peace under his 10-year rule, is what has galvanized relentless opposition to the regime.