Following the conclusion of the latest round of Burundi peace negotiations held last week in Pretoria, Jean-Bosco Ndayikengurukiye, the leader of the Forces pour la defense de la democratie (FDD) Hutu rebel group, said he was "reassured" by the inclusion of Gabonese President Omar Bongo as a mediator in the talks, and suggested the FDD might be amenable to a cease-fire.

A group of seven pro-Hutu parties have laid down a 10-point plan they say must be adopted before a transitional government can be set up in Burundi as scheduled on 1 November, Radio Burundi reported.

A leading exiled Hutu politician, Jean Minani, has said over Gabon's Africa No 1 radio that he is ready to return home before the full establishment of a special protection unit for him and his colleagues.

The UN Refugee Agency's Executive Committee was told Thursday that more women should be included in the current peace talks on the central African state of Burundi.

Nelson Mandela, the chief mediator of the Burundi peace talks, said on Monday that leaders of the Great Lakes countries had agreed to "a number of issues" that had been hindering implementation of the Burundi peace agreement, Radio Tanzania reported.