A spokesman for the group of parties who supported the candidacy of Colonel Epitace Bayaganakandi for the presidency of the transitional period, Alphonse Rugambarara, reiterated that his group would not enter the transitional government led by President Buyoya and his deputy, Hutu leader, Domitien Ndayizeye.

The atmosphere at the Thursday meeting between President Buyoya and Zuma, was described as "good" by Buyoya's spokesman, Appolinaire Gahungu.

Army mutineers staged a coup attempt in Bujumbura on Sunday night, ahead of a regional summit on the future of Burundi which began in the Tanzanian town of Arusha on Monday.

The Burundi peace accord has been signed, but there's absolutely no peace, observes Monique Harbers.

A mission to assess the training needs and the effects of Burundi's civil war on the lives of Burundi refugee women living in camps in western Tanzania observed that war has had a significant and destabilising effect on gender roles and relations between the country's men and women. The refugees were found to be virtually under the "complete control" of various development and humanitarian relief agencies, the team said in its preliminary report.