The 12-member UN Security Council mission which visited the Great Lakes region earlier this month said it was struck by the "complexity and intractability" of the situation in Burundi and its serious potential for large-scale violence. In a report on its mission from 15-26 May, the Security Council team detailed the discussions it had with the various sides in the Burundi conflict, stressing that it delivered a very strong message to all the players - namely that there could be no military so...read more

The group of eight pro-Tutsi parties supporting Colonel Epitace Bayaganakandi as transitional president have issued a statement condemning the "unacceptable manipulation by the government and its associates aimed at avoiding the implementation of the Arusha agreement", the private Burundi news agency NetPress reported. It said the parties believed that a recent meeting brokered by the Italian San Egidio religious community which brought together the CNDD faction of Leonard Nyangoma, the hardl...read more

Burundi army officers failed to turn up in Arusha today for a scheduled meeting with eight pro-Tutsi political parties. The meeting was to have addressed Burundi's transitional leadership. The eight parties are opposed to the current Burundi leader Pierre Buyoya leading the first phase of a three-year transitional plan proposed by Nelson Mandela, the facilitator of the Burundi peace talks.

The director and co-director of the humanitarian relief agency Memisa-Coped held a press conference in Bujumbura on Thursday during which they denied having paid a ransom for the release of their six workers who were abducted in Makamba province last Friday by the rebel Forces pour la defense de la democratie (FDD). Bob Smit and Father Jean-Berchmans Nzisabira wanted to counter claims that a sum of US $12,000 was paid.

Police on Tuesday broke up a meeting of parties supporting the presidential candidacy of Colonel Epitace Bayaganakandi, the Tutsi rival of President Pierre Buyoya, the private Netpress news agency reported. Participants were told to leave the meeting hall in Bujumbura's Kinindo district, but party leaders were ordered to remain behind.