As if their mother land was cursed that wars would always befall it, which unfold themselves into untold suffering, agony and despair; thousands of Liberians have once again taken unto their heels as fighting intensifies between Government forces and rebels of the Liberia United for Reconcilation and Democracy (LURD).

Liberian journalists on Monday called on President Charles Taylor to lift the state of emergency he imposed on 8 February, saying there was growing suspicion that the unfolding humanitarian crisis in the country was being stage-managed.

The latest bout of fighting to afflict West Africa is believed to have displaced tens of thousands of people, say UNHCR. The outbreak of fighting occurred in Liberia's Sawmill area, 100 kms north of the capital, Monrovia. Those displaced have fled south to the area around Klay junction, some 35 kilometres outside Monrovia where there could now be as many as 100,000 displaced people, according to Liberian government figures quoted by UNHCR. Those uprooted by the fighting include Sierra more

Liberia's Defence Ministry has confirmed reports of intense fighting since Friday between government forces and dissidents in the north and northwest of the country.

Heads of customs administrations have been reminded that they are charged with a responsibility to promote integrity and must at all times display leadership in preventing and rooting out corruption.