UNHCR has recorded 6,241 new Liberian refugees in western Cote d'Ivoire since early May following renewed fighting between pro- and anti-government forces in Lofa County, northwestern Liberia, a UNHCR official said.

Liberian authorities released popular talk show host Max Jlateh on Tuesday, one day after he was detained for allowing callers to express sentiments perceived by the state as "anti-American", a diplomatic source confirmed to IRIN.

A leading human rights activist in Liberia surrendered to police on Thursday, days after they had launched a search for him for criticising the country's Anti-Terrorist Unit (ATU), media organisations reported.

International non-governmental organisations (INGOs) have called on the international community "to recognise that there is an ongoing crisis in Liberia and the need for continued support to INGOs in emergency, reconstruction, and development activities".

Liberian President Charles Taylor announced a general amnesty on Thursday for all treason suspects abroad and anti-government dissidents in the northern county of Lofa, news media reported.