A total of 434 Liberians arrived in western Côte d'Ivoire's 'Refugee Reception Zone' between 16 and 19 July, UNHCR reported. This brings to 4,076 the new Liberian refugees in the area. The western towns of Danane and Guiglo, which lie along the border with Liberia, are within the zone.

Talking Drum Studio began in 1997 by producing programmes on election education and polling procedures. Today, TDS aims to reduce political and ethnic violence - stressing themes of peace, reconciliation and democratization.

Liberia's Defence Ministry reported renewed fighting in the northern county of Lofa even as relief organisations continued to appeal for assistance for people displaced by the insecurity there. Defence Minister Daniel Chea said on Tuesday that Lofa was under attack by Guinea-based rebels, AFP and humanitarian sources reported.

The European Union (EU) executive branch has taken a step toward suspending aid to Liberia in light of the country's "worsening situation in the areas of human rights, democratic principles, the rule of law and corruption."

THE Internet revolution may have changed the world but in Liberia it is ephemeral and under tight state control due to President Charles Taylor's attempts to stifle criticism by his opponents.