Sudanese President al Bashir must contend with the anger of his own people on the streets; and in Egypt, the people are not convinced the win by Morsi is their own victory.


The Gulf States, America and Israel are hell bent on frustrating the revolution in Egypt. That is what the results of the presidential election show.


These three Middle Eastern nations have not succeeded in their attempts at emergence due to meddling by imperialist powers and the lack of capacity to challenge them.

Egyptian women's rights activists have only bad options in the current power crisis. If the Islamists in parliament hold power, they could erase years of legal gains for women. But if the military has its way, a police state could re-emerge, reports

Plan International says it is deeply concerned at new proposals by the Egyptian parliament to reduce the legal age for girls to marry to 14 - just four years after a successful campaign increased the age limit to 18. 'Early marriage can have a devastating impact on girls’ lives – they are more likely to be forced out of school, live in poverty, have early pregnancies and endure health complications or die during childbirth.'