Egypt has scrapped its old Internet subscription plan in favor of per-hour dial-up charges, resulting in an immediate and welcome spike in usage.

Egypt is one of the continent's largest two connectivity markets, the other being South Africa. The country spans both Africa and the Middle East and is therefore a key business centre for both markets. It has used the density of internet access it has already built up to pioneer the possibility of even greater levels of penetration through a free internet access initiative. It has also used its geographically advantageous position to develop an internet data centre offering server hosting more

Diverse stakeholders from all over the world will attend the Summit. It will be a forum where innovative policies, practices and ideas will be shared and used to initiate committed action. Over 2000 people are expected to attend, of which 1000 will be youth. Register online now!

The Forced Migration and Refugee Studies Program at the American University in Cairo, Egypt will host a seminar entitled, "Delivering Human Rights: Building Human Rights Awareness among Women Refugees." It will take place at the Main Campus on February 27th, 2002 from 7:00 to 9:00 pm.

More than eight months after he was sentenced to seven years in prison on charges of illegally accepting foreign funds, sullying Egypt's image abroad, and embezzlement, Egyptian human-rights activist Saad Eddin Ibrahim walked free—pending a retrial—on Feb. 7.