The Egyptian Minster of Justice Couns. Farouk Saif Al Nassr announced on Wednesday, 2 January 2002, that a new bill for Egypt's ratification to the ICC Statute has been drafted among 14 new laws aiming at reforming the structure of the Egyptian legal system. The 14 bills deal with judicial, economic, and penal issues.

"I have no objection to issuing a new anti money laundering law in the crimes of planting, manufacturing and trading in narcotics, nor in the kidnapping and detention of people, nor in terrorism and the importing of and trading in weapons and ammunition, nor in the crimes of libertinism and prostitution, nor those against antiquities or related to the preservation of the environment, to the end of the crimes listed in Article 2 of the draft law on money laundering that was prepared by the more

The International Secretariat of OMCT has been informed by a reliable source of the arbitrary arrest and detention of four men accused of being homosexual in Egypt. The four men have been held in the Boulak Prison Station in Giza, and are reportedly under investigation for "the habitual practice of debauchery" - previously also translated as "obscene behaviour" - under Article 9c of Law No. 10 of 1961 on the Combat of Prostitution.

The case against Nawal El Saadaoui fits in with the climate of intolerance prevailing in Egypt and stoked by Islamist thought, with silent consent from the authorities. It represents a permanent danger for freedoms of all sorts.

A sixteen-year-old boy's prosecution and conviction for engaging in sexual relations with men violates international standards, Human Rights Watch said in a letter to Egyptian authorities.