Refugees have the right to legal representation during the asylum determination process, but until recently, for thousands of refugees in Egypt, professional legal services have been almost non-existent. Egypt guarantees the right to asylum in its constitution; it has acceded to UN and the Organisation of African Unity conventions on refugees. However, in Egypt, it is the Office of the UN High Commissioner (UNHCR) who determines who gets refugee status, not the Government of Egypt. There is more

An Egyptian court has ordered a former minister and five other senior officials to be held in jail as they face a corruption trial over millions of dollars in public funds.

Embracing Egypt as a close ally despite its poor human rights record could be even more counter-productive after September 11 than it was before, Human Rights Watch warned today.

Egypt is talking about free Internet access. Beginning early next year, Egypt's 60 Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will not charge customers for basic web access. This follows on the free service provided by ABSA in South Africa - although other South African ISPs still charge access fees. Hopefully the trend will follow through to other African states.

Amnesty International Holds a Training Seminar
for Human Rights Defenders in Cairo from 7-9 July 2001