The situation confronting Egypt's sexual minority communities - historically marginalized legally and socially - has over the past few weeks deteriorated to the point where with every sign of an anti-homosexual "witch-hunt" in the offing indicates an incipient human rights tragedy. Readers of the following report -compiled from a variety of internet sources -are strongly urged to contact their country's foreign minister and ambassador to Egypt for the purpose of relaying the growing world more

Are Egyptian women getting the services they need from existing family planning programmes? What factors influence women's decisions about contraception? How can family planning services be improved to help meet women's needs? Research from the London School of Economics and the Egyptian National Population Council investigated the unmet need for contraception in rural Egypt.

Two hundred schools in deprived hamlets of Upper Egypt are sending ripples through the country’s education system, making girls and women the beacons of a new learning experience.

A former minister of finance, five customs officials and four businessmen have been charged with corruption in one of the biggest cases of its kind in the country, judicial officials said on Thursday.

Thanks for the Kabissa Fahamu messages. I am spreading it around the university. Are you aware of the Saad Eddin Ibrahim trial in Egypt? You can get information from this address ([email protected]).