Since the removal of the dictator Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian people envisioned a new socio-political and economic order only to see a reconfigured neo-colonial order with the Muslim Brotherhood at its helm. Consequently ordinary people have met state violence with the necessity of revolutionary violence on the street.

Commission tells Egyptian government to compensate women as well as to investigate the assaults and punish those responsible

International NGOs would not be allowed to settle and activate in Egypt without prior authorisation. Receiving foreign government funding, directly or indirectly, would be flatly prohibited


The new regime has proven to be incapable of tackling sensitive economic issues. The loan from IMF is not inevitable or necessary to pull the economy out of an imminent recession, but rather risks pushing Egypt into a spiral of public debt.

735 police complaints of sexual harassment were recorded over the four-day Eid al-Adha holiday that ended October 29, according to a statement released by the Egyptian government. Sexual harassment continues to hit Egypt with increasing reports of incidents taking place across the country. Yet, Egyptians today acknowledge this long-standing problem exists, and growing social mobilization has brought together men and women in the fight against harassment.