Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe presents fundraising check of $1 million to the AU Summit
President Robert Mugabe

During the early morning hours of 6 September, a news item shook the international community saying that President Robert Gabriel Mugabe, known affectionately as “Gushungo”, had passed away at the age of 95.

President Robert Mugabe

Despite some shortcomings in his policies, Mugabe could not be pushed to betray the people of Zimbabwe and Africa in general.  

The Rwandan genocide
Oxford University Press

The author argues that the Rwanda-Burundi’s dark colonisation past helps us understand the deep-rooted causes of the 1994 Rwandan genocide. 

Decolonisation of the university

The author argues that Africanisation or decolonisation has little to do with institutions of higher education, but more about the death-prone position that the Black body continues to occupy in a world violently constructed by whiteness.

Pan-African Cultural Festival
Pan-African Cultural Festival

Five decades ago thousands gathered in Algiers to recommit to revolutionary transformation around the world.