This study of Nkrumah provides a compelling account of one of the most significant politicians in post-colonial Africa. Hadjor argues that although Nkrumah's experiment failed, it continues to have relevance for Africa today. He also illustrates how certain mistakes were unavoidable during Nkrumah's time. He writes of the clarity of Nkrumah's vision, which helps throw light on the problems many Africans face today. In this important way, Hadjor's reworking of the essential themes of more

Ahead of the second African Union (AU) summit in Mozambique next week, senior parliamentarians urged their governments to step up efforts to establish the Pan-African Parliament (PAP). At the end of a two-day meeting of African parliamentarians in South Africa to discuss the pending launch of the PAP, only 19 countries out of the 53 African states had ratified the agreement. At least 27 have to ratify the protocol before the parliament can be formed, news agencies reported. One of the more

The second Pan-African Youth Conference on HIV/AIDS opened in Kigali last Thursday with young people from 40 African countries participating, the Rwanda News Agency (RNA) reported.

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is backing a multi-million dollar project to combat "the scourge of violent conflicts" in Africa. The scheme, which will cost $6,4-million, is part of a three-year project aimed at boosting efforts by the newly formed African Union (AU) to tackle wars on the continent. Among the areas that the project will help finance is the AU's much-heralded Peace and Security Council (PSC), which has yet to get off the ground.

Information and communications technologies (ICT 1) are becoming widely accepted as integral means for transforming the path of development. As envisaged in the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the importance of harnessing information and communication technologies for poverty eradication cannot be overemphasized. Yet, as statistics describing the growing digital divide demonstrate, women and girls are at particular risk for exclusion from opportunities presented by ICT to secure more