The ANC said it was with a heavy heart and profound sense of loss that they had learned of the death of Isithwalandwe Walter Max Ulyate Sisulu. The organisation described Sisulu as a giant of the liberation struggle and one of the founding fathers of South Africa's democracy.

Although much has been written about the African Diaspora in the Atlantic Ocean, the Diaspora in the Indian Ocean is virtually unrecognized. Concerned with Africans, who lived south of the Sahara and were dispersed by free will or forcefully to the non-African lands in the Indian Ocean region, this book deals with a topic that has long been overlooked. Eight scholars, researching the African Diaspora in distinct geographical locations in the Indian Ocean region and with expertise in the more

A former World Health Organisation researcher has said Uganda's "ABC" strategy to combat HIV/AIDS -- Abstinence, Be faithful, use Condoms, in that order -- could cut HIV infections by 80% if expanded across Africa. But international aid workers have rebuffed the policy, calling it a cover for a right-wing agenda.

Britain will not abandon its development projects in Africa even if war breaks out in Iraq, said British International Development Secretary Clare Short. Britain currently spends £600m ($900m) on development assistance in Africa and plans to increase this number to one billion pounds by 2005-2006.

South Africa's AIDS epidemic is exacting a deadly toll on South Africa's children, with greater numbers infected with HIV than was previously thought, according to a survey released Thursday.