Sakhela Buhlungu and Eddie Webster report on how the 'war against terriorism' sparked a controversial and potentially divisive debate during the sixth congress of the Southern Initiative on Globalisation and Trade Union Rights (Sigtur) held in Seoul, South Korea.

The hijacking of the World Conference on racism has led to the reuniting of the Black world on issues that affect the Black world. Racism and invasions of Blacks lands in Sudan and Mauritania, Indonesia and West Papua is one of the issues that affects the Black world, even though some of the participants in the system of sanctified racism in North East Africa are Black African, who would be reminded of who the are in Germany, the U.S., Libya, Israel, Russia, China, Latin America, India, more

The Pan African Civil Society hereby calls upon all African nations to call for the suspension of any further oil exploitation until a just and lasting peace is reached in the Sudan. We urgently insist on African nations to facilitate for all Sudanese warring parties to resolve the conflict and to immediately stop further blood shedding in the Sudan.

RWA International are looking for a communications specialist to undertake a 2 year input to carry out the following tasks: development and implementation of communications strategies and policy at national and regional level; capacity building and training in data management and modern communication methods; provide national components with communications guidelines and media materials; assist with production of media materials nationally and regionally, esp. printed publications, TV and more

The black population of South Africa is still at a disadvantage in access to media, conclude the authors of this scholarly paper on the relationship between media and democracy.