The South African sugar giant Illovo has 6159 hectares of sugarcane in Malawi, where it is a monopoly with an annual production of 2.8 million metric tonnes of sugar. The company denies persistent claims that it has grabbed land from smallholder farmers


The Malawi Young Pioneers Movement, which unfortunately became a terror militia to prop up the Banda regime, should be revisited by the Malawi government with the goal of involving youth in the county’s development


The question of whether or not Malawi should start considering the feasibility of providing free secondary school education is really one of whether or not Malawi should consider strengthening its human capital

Malawi has gone from bountiful maize crops to renewed uncertainty: Strong, democratic leadership and sound policies are essential for ensuring food security

Problems in Malawi’s education sector are tied to the country’s governance and have their roots in a broader global context of economic and education policy prescriptions