The Angolan government has warned that at least four million Angolans run the risk of catching sleeping disease, due to the precarious conditions of housing and sanitation.

A UN technical team is on an 'exploratory mission' in Angola to learn about the country's peace process and the consolidation of democracy.

Suspected UNITA rebels attacked a power station on the outskirts of the Angolan capital, Luanda, early on Tuesday - bringing the rebel movement's current wave of attacks closer to the capital than ever before.

The acts of terrorism perpetrated in Angola by Jonas Savimbi`s UNITA movement deserve the same condemnation by the international community as that levelled against the perpetrators of the World Trade Centre attacks, says the UN.

The first edition of Angola's national theatre festival will take place in October in the far-northern city of Cabinda. The aim of the festival is to promote cultural exchange and a knowledge of the cultural potentials and diversities of Angola.