A drought is threatening Angola's already modest food production, in a setback for efforts to revive once-vibrant farmlands abandoned during decades of war. The dry season that normally lasts only about three weeks in December has stretched to three months in parts of the southern African country where most regions are used to abundant rainfall almost year-round. 'Production has collapsed throughout the central and southern regions,' said Belarmino Jelembi, national coordinator of the more

Shares in Cobalt International Energy fell as much as 11 per cent after news that three of the most powerful officials in Angola have held concealed interests in the Goldman Sachs-backed group’s oil venture in the African country. The fall, which wiped $900m off Cobalt’s market capitalisation, came after a Financial Times report detailed the interests.

Increasing violence and threats raise concerns about 2012 elections.

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The first book to focus on China’s involvement in Angola presents perspectives from both countries.

An Angolan human rights group has said it is launching a campaign for the right to protest amid a state crackdown. Jose Patrocinio, Omunga co-ordinator, cited recent violent break-ups of demonstrations in Benguela, the capital Luanda and the oil-rich Cabinda enclave. The Benguela-based group also plan to hand a petition to the Supreme Court to stop lower courts from acting against jailed demonstrators.