Morocco is seeking to rejoin the African Union, but its motives are suspect. As suggested by an arrogant letter to the AU Chairman, Rabat could be intending to use its membership to strengthen its colonial claims over occupied Western Sahara, an AU founding member state. Moreover, as an ally of Western powers Morocco could be used to sabotage effective African unity from within the AU.


Despite the allure of the solar mega-project, the environmental/climate justice movement must question the Moroo’s propaganda and the emergent dominant global discourse around environmental governance to which it is linked. The urgent questions about this project include: Who owns what? Who does what? Who gets what? Who wins and who loses? And whose good is being served?

A billion indigenous trees of different varieties hold the potential to significantly reduce widespread poverty among Morocco’s farming communities. The government is establishing community tree nurseries. It is an initiative that the people should wholeheartedly embrace.

The decision by Members of the European Parliament to support a report that is highly critical of Morocco’s human rights violations in Western Sahara is a welcome move. More pressure should be piled of Morocco to end its occupation of Africa’s last colony

Refugee Camps © Joanna Allan

Morocco is working in cahoots with the European Union to pillage Western Sahara’s fish despite opposition from the European people. The plunder is a crime under international law.