One year before the general elections in Morocco, international and national organisations are preparing the field for an enhanced political participation of women. Morocco has one of the lowest rates of women's participation in government and politics globally, with only one female minister and no female parliamentarians.

No place is ever perfect but Morocco offers an interesting model for how the internet and telecoms can be developed if a strategic plan is in place. It is seeking to use the internet to compete more effectively in the global economy, grow employment opportunities and to slow down the drain of skilled workers to Europe. Najat Rochdi describes how the country has approached the task.

The Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders requests your urgent intervention in the following situation in Morocco: 2 members of the Forum for Truth and Justice – Sahara Section were intercepted by the Moroccan police on 24 March 2001 in the international zone of Casablanca airport. The persons concerned are Mr. Noumri Brahim, ex-Sahraoui missing person from 1987 to 1991, freed from the secret detention centre of Kalaat M’Gouna, bearer of passport No. M 542832, and Mr. more