Burkina Faso

In this short but bold message to mark 27 years since the assassination of revolutionary President Thomas Sankara on October 15, his widow outlines some of the challenges facing Burkinabes under the failed Compaore regime and urges continued resistance.


President Blaise Compaore’s ouster last week by popular revolt was the culmination of the people’s opposition to his regime, starting in 2011. The regime contrasted sharply with the short-lived government of Thomas Sankara. But Compaore’s exit does not necessarily mean restoration of Sankara’s revolution.

Once again the process of authenticating the tomb of Sankara ends in a denial of justice. The reality of Burkina Faso is that Blaise Campaore is the sole and veritable judge in this affair. And he panics each time the issue comes up, afraid that he himself might be charged, just as he panics at the idea of being sued for his role in the wars in Liberia, Sierra Leone and la Côte d’Ivoire.


26 years ago Thomas Sankara was assassinated. The circumstances are yet to be clarified ... But he enjoys ever growing popularity


Here is the complete text of a hand-written speech that revolutionary Burkinabe President and African statesman Thomas Sankara was set to deliver on the evening of the day he was assassinated, October 15, 1987. Pambazuka News published a special issue on Sankara last week