The American government bears responsibility for the loss of life at the Kenyan Westgate mall, yet most Americans are totally unaware of America’s role in keeping Somalia in a constant state of war as a consequence of huge omissions in American reporting

The document is a bad deal for the people of Somalia because it violates the provisional constitution, delegitimizes the Federal Government of Somalia’s executive and parliament and creates clan satellites controlled by foreign powers


The latest terror attack in Kenya and other significant events throughout Eastern Africa must be viewed within the context of U S economic and strategic interests in partnership with its NATO allies and Israel. New findings of oil and natural gas are a source of imperialist interest in the region

When will Kenya withdraw its troops from Somalia? The highly publicized military intervention in pursuit of Al Shabaab is no longer a subject of public discussion. Kenya seems to be pushing a hidden agenda in south Somalia and its military presence there is beginning to look like an occupation

The clan militia, supported by Kenya and Ethiopia, has defied the legitimacy and jurisdiction of the Federal Government and unilaterally declared a regional State called ‘Jubbaland’