The Sierra Leonean army will be doing the biding of America’s proxy-war in Africa as mercenaries. This is a case of Africans paid to kill other Africans.

Somalia is on the road to recovery after more than two decades of collapse. Now is the time for all the citizens to help the government achieve its goals by being patient and tolerant.


The UN Security Council Resolution 2093 adopted in Somalia on 6 March 2013 is critically examined for its achievements, opportunities and the challenges that remain for nation building to gain permanence in the country


Clan politics, rivalry and hatred have ruined the social bond, moral principles and trust among Somalis who share a language, culture, territory, history and religion. Now, three political manifestations - secession, clan based federalism and a unitary decentralized political system - divide them and are an obstacle to the recovery of the lost nation.

The US diplomatic recognition of the government is an important step in the ongoing restoration of the country and gives hope to millions of Somalis languishing in refugees camps in the neighboring countries or in internally displaced people camps