The Paris Club of creditor nations said on Thursday it had reached an agreement with Togo to cancel $347 million of the country's debt. The accord followed the International Monetary Fund's approval in April of a new lending programme to support economic development.

Togolese officials have embarked on a nation-wide consultation on the creation of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) to heal the wounds of the 2005 political violence in the West African country

A desperate shortage of antiretroviral (ARV) drugs in the West African country of Togo has temporarily eased with the arrival of a two-month supply of the life-prolonging medication. The stopgap consignment of the generic drug, Triomune, arrived from its Indian manufacturer on 28 November, four months after the original order had been placed; distribution began the next day. "They are making efforts to try to catch up on lost time," said Augustin Dokla, president of RAS+ (the network for more

Togo's Prime Minister, Yawovi Agboyibo, on Tuesday said he had tendered his resignation to President Faure Gnassingbe ahead of the formation of a new, post-elections government. "I came to hand in my resignation to the president of the republic," Agboyibo, leader of the opposition Action Committee for Renewal (CAR) party, told national television.

Togo's Constitutional Court has confirmed that the ruling party won a majority in the 14 October election, after the main opposition party had contested the results, charging fraud. On 30 October the Court said the ruling Rally of the Togolese People party took 50 of 81 seats in the poll, seen as pivotal to the country's regaining favour with the international community after years of isolation.