In the light of the recent attack at Bamako’s Radisson Blu Hotel, Cameron Duodu looks at the context of Malian political instability, and how French involvement needs to be re-strategized if it is to have a positive impact.

In a culture that privileges men, everyone relies on the Somali woman because she is loyal and responsible but there are very few she can rely on - many around her have never developed their sense of responsibility because she is given all the responsibilities.

The returnees came from Yemen, haggard and tired, seeking only peace and tranquility. But the Somaliland regime refused them entry. What a shame!

His arrest reportedly followed an interview he gave to the BBC on 16th April 2015, during which he discussed recent executions by Somaliland authorities, and the need for judicial reforms in the de facto autonomous state.

Attorney General Githu Muigai has armed himself with such massive powers that he has virtually secured impunity for himself and his staff. This megalomania, which flouts the constitution, seems designed to protect the interests of the increasingly tyrannical Jubilee government.