Ethnic Somalis in Kenya have always been the target of security operations resulting in serious human rights violations. That is what is currently happening again following attacks by suspected Al Shabaab militants. But not all Somalis are terrorists. The state should respect their fundamental rights as citizens

While Kenya has the right to pursue its security interests and protect its people from terrorist attacks, it is important that the country adheres to relevant international conventions it is a signatory to in the repatriation of refugees

The following open letter was sent by Somaliland Focus (UK) to Somaliland's government on Nov 11 2013.

A recent conference on Somalia held in Brussels has endorsed a new ‘Somali compact’ with development partners who are mainly from the North, pledging funds. The pact has many serious flaws – among them are the appointment of several foreign advisors without Somali counterparts

When the Somali president tried to settle old scores with another clan, opportunity presented itself for Al Shabaab