The likely election of Libya to a key United Nations post on Monday will put a spotlight on its human rights record and on efforts by abusive governments to undermine the international human rights system, Human Rights Watch says.

Libya firmly denied last Saturday that its troops have entered the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in support of rebel groups, following a protest by the DRC to the UN Security Council.

Libya’s Minister for African Unity, Ali Abd al-Salam Turayki, said on Sunday that his country wants to revive the joint Egyptian-Libyan initiative to end the Sudanese conflict.
He told reporters that he had discussed "reactivating the Egyptian-Libyan initiative to achieve unity in Sudan" with Egyptian President Husni Mubarak, AFP reported.

Reports from Libya say that the country's current Finance Minister, Ujayli Abdelsalam al-Burayni, is one of 47 government and bank officials to be sentenced to terms in prison at the end of a corruption trial.

The International Secretariat of OMCT has been informed by a reliable source about developments in the trial of at least 98 prisoners of conscience in Tripoli, Libya. According to the information received, a group of at least 98 prisoners of conscience are being tried before the people’s court, having been arbitrarily arrested en masse in Libya’s main cities during June 1998, ostensibly on the grounds of political opposition and, more specifically,for supporting or showing sympathy for the more