The World Bank has decided that it will continue its support for a controversial project designed to bring oil wealth and development to Cameroon and Chad, two of the world's poorest countries. But on the ground in western Cameroon protests grow about the pipeline that will bring oil from Chad to the coast. Local people argue that the project has failed to bring the social benefits expected. The involvement of the bank, in the face of misgivings expressed by independent inspectors, has more

The construction of the Cameroon-Chad pipeline has given rise to environmental, health, social and developmental concerns that need to be addressed before the facility becomes operational, two Cameroonian NGOs reported.

The interior minister of the Central African Republic (CAR), Joseph Mounzole, has issued a message of reassurance to Chadians living on CAR territory following clashes along the common border on Tuesday.

The Chadian Parliament has passed a law guaranteeing protection for the reproductive health and rights of its citizens. The new law, adopted on 20 March, draws mainly from a regional document prepared at a meeting of West African parliamentarians in Dakar in 1999. Under the terms of the new law, it would be an offence to engage in any form of sexual violence, including female genital cutting, forced marriage, domestic violence or sexual slavery.

A Chadian woman lawyer who represents victims of the regime of former president Hissene Habre, has received the 2002 Martin Ennals Award for Human Rights Defenders, Amnesty International reported on Thursday.