A Chadian investigative journalist, Daniel Bekoutou, is among a group of writers from 20 countries to receive grants from Human Rights Watch (HRW) in recognition of their courage in the face of political persecution, HRW announced on Wednesday.

According to information received by OMCT, an assembly of approximately 100 women met peacefully in front of the French embassy, in the early morning of June 11th 2001, with the intention to hand over a letter of protest regarding the “complicity of France in the electoral hold-up of May 20th 2001” to the French
Ambassador. It is reported that the police forces brutally put a halt to the assembly by throwing grenades at the women. Among the 14 injured, 4 are allegedly seriously hurt. more

The World Bank’s ability to ensure social and environmental safeguards in the $3.7 billion Chad-Cameroon oil pipeline project is threatened because of political unrest in Chad, according to two Chadian human rights organizations. The two groups, the Chadian Association for the Promotion and Defence of Human Rights, and the Environmental Defense, said that World Bank’s promise of equitable development and environmental safeguards for Africa’s largest infrastructure project, co-financed by the more

There was "relative calm mixed with latent tension" in Ndjamena and other towns in Chad on Friday following unrest related to the contested re-election of President Idriss Deby, according to a resident of the Chadian capital.

Chad's six unsuccessful presidential candidates were all picked up for questioning by police on Monday and then released an hour later. The six men were meeting just hours after it was announced that Chad's incumbent President Idriss Deby had won an outright majority in the first round of voting, making a second round unnecessary. The six opposition candidates had issued a joint statement last Thursday alleging fraud in the 20 May poll, but foreign observers said the vote appeared to be fair.