With the introduction of its own national internet hub, Lesotho has cut the umbilical cord with South Africa. The authors of this week's story (for names see the end of the article) describe how this was achieved and Lesotho's future ambitions in this field.

Multinational companies are about to go on trial in Lesotho accused of paying huge bribes to a local official, a case virtually unprecedented in Africa.

On 14 March 2001, Lesotho's Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) announced the country's long awaited general elections will be held in 2002. The IEC chairman, Hon. Leshele Thoahlane announced that eligible voters would be able to register to vote between 13 August and 9 September 2001 at 1300 registration centres across the country. The final voters' list is expected to be completed by the end of January 2002. Thoahlane has declared that at least five months were needed before the registra...read more