Central African Republic

Who could remember to smile
when those guns fed us lead
In Bangui our hearts bled
Crying for sanity
Who remember's Stanley's fatal whip on our backs
Chopped arms, now firearms in Bangui
Lighting Ubangi with flowing dead blood
Bangui never dies
Determined to silence the ghosts of Brazza
Leopold, Bozize and Bokassa
I stand bold with African pride
I have died many times before
Made to kiss the aro...read more

The French have a historic role in the current crisis in the Central African Republic in assisting dictators install themselves into power. A way forward is for a Christian and Muslim Monitoring Group to identify individuals perpetrating hate crimes and help bring justice to all victims


Last week’s appointment of Catherine Samba Panza as CAR’s transitional president, the third female head of state in Africa, raises a glimmer of hope that this troubled nation at the heart of the continent could finally end its long history of coups, political violence, ethnic-based exclusion and grinding poverty


The violent political conflict in the CAR continues to claim innocent lives, cause massive displacement and destruction of property. The efforts being made to end the carnage and restore the country will not achieve much without taking into account the role of France in destabilising CAR

France has over the decades been a key player in the violent drama of Central African Republic politics. But there are other interested parties involved. CAR is a case study of how neo-colonial greed can destroy a country