In an attempt to activate the role of intellectuals in the conflict-ridden Horn of African region, Djibouti will offer a forum to the region's intellectuals to debate and start a dialogue on the region's economic, political and social problems in a conference due to be held in the second half of November 2007.

Al-Jazeera reports that a Djibouti criminal court has convicted a human rights activist of defamation, sentencing him to six months in prison and fining him 480 euros. Jean-Paul Noel Abdi, chairman of the Djibouti League of Human Rights, was found guilty on Sunday of falsely accusing a presidential guard soldier of rape, according to an unnamed judicial source.

After being sought by police for five days, Houssein Ahmed Farah was arrested on 7 February 2007 and taken to the criminal investigation department, Reporters Without Borders has learned from his brother, Daher Ahmed Farah, managing editor of the privately-owned weekly "Le Renouveau" and head of the Movement for Democratic Renewal (MRD), an opposition party.

Djibouti has joined the Pan-African Network (PAN) that aims to bridge the digital divide and offer telemedicine & tele-education services to the countries of the African Union (AU). PAN is part of the proposed plan to connect all the 53 nations of the African Union by a satellite and fiber optic network that would provide effective tele-education, telemedicine, internet, videoconferencing and VoIP services and also support e-Governance, e-Commerce, infotainment, resource mapping and more

For thousands of years, girls in the area that is now the tiny African country of Djibouti, have been subjected to pharaonic circumcision. It is a practice that involves cutting away a girl’s inner labia and clitoris, and sewing the wound together, leaving a tiny hole for passing urine and menstrual blood. Despite medical evidence that genital mutilation puts women at risk of infection, pain and complications during childbirth, social pressure is such that most mothers opt to circumcise more