Mutuma Ruteere

The recent decision by Uganda's President Museveni's to turn to the International Criminal Court (ICC) for investigations of atrocities by the Lord's Resistance Army has generated a lot of excitement in international human rights circles. Unfortunately, as the February 21 massacre by Joseph Kony's rebels has demonstrated, international prosecution may not be the inspired choice required to stop the carnage.

Judicialisation of conflict is what states do as a substitute for effective more

Ten years ago, Kenyan leaders wrote a new chapter to its history. In a series of well-publicised meeting, senior government leaders, including the Vice President, declared war on Kenyans supporting democratic reforms. Immediately thereafter, on October 29, 1991, the first houses were torched and the first drops of blood shed in the Rift Valley Province of Kenya. It was the beginning of a campaign of violence that the Kenya Government even to this day - seeks to explain away as ethnic more

If nothing can be written about Kenya today without the name of its President Daniel Arap Moi weaving its way into the narrative, it is a testament to the legacy his twenty three years in power has bequeathed Kenya. For in those twenty-three years, President Moi has reduced a once proud country into an economic dunghill foraged by his cronies and a political Babel in which the only common language is himself. Even more frightening is his transformation of a peaceful multi-ethnic society into more