South Sudan

Global attention to the crisis that broke out in South Sudan nearly a year ago has almost entirely disappeared. But difficult negotiations are ongoing, despite periodic outbreaks of fighting. To find lasting solutions, the stakeholders need to appreciate the complex realities leading up to the crisis

The African Union-appointed commission set up to investigate the current conflict in South Sudan has been a virtual paper tiger to date. The commission needs to provide unflinching recommendations aimed at stabilizing the country’s social, political, economic and military situations.

The feeling of hope after the independence of South Sudan was short-lived for many South Sudanese and has now been replaced by cynicism and suspicion. In this light, a new agreement to end war in South Sudan gives only little hope that it will set a different path for the Africa’s youngest nation.

South Sudan could have a transitional phase following the current crisis. Elections are set for next year, but they could be postponed for three years of transition. Various proposals on the leadership structure during the interim period have been made and are presented here


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