South Sudan

South Sudan is at a crossroads. The government might have to swallow its pride and reward Riek Machar‘s unconstitutional and deadly political actions. Any attempt to punish him could backfire terribly. But this option has its own dangers as well


The horrendous violence that has torn the lives of South Sudanese in the past three weeks has caught many people by utter surprise. Former Vice President Riek Machar, believed to be leading a rebellion against President Salva Kiir, appears determined to get a favourable political settlement at whatever cost

Discussions are ongoing inside South Sudan about building an oil pipeline through Kenya to the port of Lamu to better exploit the country's most important natural resource. But roads would be a better option

On 8 July 8 2013 several individuals wrote to the President of South Sudan, expressing unease at disturbing developments in the country, particularly the impunity of the armed forces and growing corruption that portend future instability for the country. An immediate commitment to rectifying these problems is called for


The newly independent nation is beset by a host of problems of underdevelopment arising from slavery, wars and fragmentation of society. The serious hardships facing young people, who are the majority of the population, should be seen in this context and addressed urgently