Amnesty was extended to jailed suspects as well as those at large. A six-month amnesty offered by Algeria to Islamic militants on condition of surrender expires on Monday (August 28). There have been calls for an extension since fewer than 300 have come forward. Militants have been promised immunity from prosecution provided they have not been involved in serious crimes such as massacres, rapes and bombings.

Early one morning in April, a desperate young Algerian man slipped into a warehouse on the outskirts of Algiers and sealed himself inside a shipping container destined for France. The guard he had bribed to let him into the warehouse begged him to reconsider. Every year, tens of thousands of impoverished Africans lured by Europe's prosperity risk their lives attempting to reach the continent illegally. European Union officials estimate the number doubled this year, though they have no firm more

Beatings, electric shocks and the forced ingestion of dirty water, urine and or chemicals are just some of the methods that continue to be used by Algeria's security forces with systematic impunity, Amnesty International revealed in a report published today, (July 13).

Algeria's security forces continue to detain and torture prisoners secretly, Amnesty International said on Monday (July 10) in a report ahead of the Algerian president's trip to London. The human rights group said Algeria's intelligence agency, the Department of Information and Security (DRS), is using the war on terror as an excuse to perpetuate torture and ill-treatment.

Two men, deported to Algeria from the UK, have failed to contact their families on their return. Concern about the men is now mounting after security services in Algeria confirmed that they had arrived, were being held in custody, but gave no other details.