Algeria's government has failed to take needed measures to protect women from rape, beatings and widespread legal and economic discrimination, Amnesty International told a U.N. panel on Monday. "The government of Algeria has shown a lack of political will to ensure that women are protected from violence," it said in a report to the U.N. Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women.

Reporters sans frontières has urged the Algerian justice system to put an end to its harassment of "Le Matin" editor Mohammed Benchicou, who is already serving a two-year sentence and could now be convicted in two or possibly three separate libel cases on 7 December 2004. "With close to 50 cases [pending], with one trial after another, one lawsuit after another, hearings adjourned by judges and incomprehensible legal manoeuvres, Benchicou's legal ordeal is on a par with the absurdities and more

The African Union has opened in Algeria a regional research centre aimed at combating terrorism on the continent. AU commission chairman Alpha Oumar Konanre said the centre in the capital Algiers would beef up AU member states' collective efforts to fight terrorism. Mr Konare also said the AU was working with international institutions to eradicate "a universal threat". AU delegates are also holding talks in Algiers, which has itself been the focus of attacks by militant Islamists.

Ministers and representatives from Governments participating in the Western Mediterranean Dialogue on Migration, also known as the "5+5 Dialogue" are meeting on 15 and 16 September in Algiers to work on regional cooperative approaches in the field of migration management. The event, organized by the Government of Algeria in close partnership with the International Organization for Migration, will allow participants from Algeria, France, Italy, Libya, Malta, Mauritania, Morocco, Portugal, more

Algeria has been a case study in how not to deal with Islamist activism. Its experience dwarfs that of its neighbours in both scale of violence - over 100,000 deaths since 1991 - and number of Islamic organisations disputing the religious, political and military fields. But there is now an opportunity to turn this tragic page, says a report from the International Crisis Group. "Seizing it requires a skilful blend of political, security, legal and diplomatic measures to eliminate remaining more