Rashweat Mukundu

Recent utterances by Information Minister Jonathan Moyo that he intends to deal with foreign correspondents who he accuses of “externalising” foreign currency and being “mercenaries” must be taken seriously coming from a man who has a history of carrying out his threats. Minister Moyo likens journalists to criminals the state is currently targeting for the so-called “economic crimes” and that they must also be dealt with. He argues that foreign media houses such as Reuters, Agence France Pres...read more

I thank you for a very interesting newsletter which I am privileged to be part of the recipients. I wanted to get information on how our organisation which is the Media Institute of Southern Africa-Zimbabwe (MISA-Zimbabwe)Chapter can also participate by sending its stories / information especially media related information on the newsletter for the benefit of your wider readership. We have a number of programmes that we are running and also we monitor the media on a daily basis, issuing ale...read more