Scientific American - "Slavery still flourishes underground in many parts of the world. This case study presents the perspectives of West African social scientists, diplomats, activists and escaped slaves in Gabon. Of particular interest is the Gabonese effort to rehabilitate and repatriate those children who have the luck and courage to escape their bondage."

The Committee on the Rights of the Child has started its examination of an initial report from Gabon with a Government delegation saying that Gabon's capacities and performances in health and education have allowed the implementation of children's rights at an appreciable level.

The death toll from Ebola haemorrhagic fever in Gabon and the Republic of Congo was 24 as at 6 January, the World Health Organisation (WHO) reported on Monday. It said 17 of the deaths were in Gabon, where the Ebola outbreak was first reported last month.

An outbreak of the Ebola virus in the north-eastern Ogooue-Ivindo province of Gabon last week, may have been caused by consumption of monkey meat by the victims, news reports quoted the government as saying on Wednesday.

The World Health Organization has said that 10 people have now died from the Ebola virus in Gabon.