Teachers in the Comoros on Monday threatened to continue strike action unless they received more than five months' back payment. In response to a strike called by their union, more than 300 educators across the Indian Ocean archipelago failed to turn up for classes on Sunday, protesting against accumulated salary arrears.

Federal President Azali Assoumani suffered a setback in parliamentary elections held at the weekend when parties aligned to the archipelego's three regional presidents gained the majority of seats in the national assembly. Following run-off elections for the federal assembly on Sunday, supporters of the presidents of the three semi-autonomous islands hold 12 of the 18 elected seats in parliament, against six for the federal president's party.

After a two-week mission to the Comoros, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said it would be impossible to draw up an economic programme for the archipelago in the short term until the current political situation was clarified. Since the introduction of a new political system which granted the islands of Moheli, Anjouan and Grande Comore their own federal presidents, a political tussle has ensued over how the separation of powers between the federal presidents and the Union president more

The military continued to surround key government buildings on the main Comoros island of Grande Comore on Monday as a power struggle for control of key ministries continued.

Comoros Electoral Commission has declared last week's presidential poll invalid and ordered a revote.