AITEC has been invited by the Act ICT Industry Alliance of Mauritius to hold the sixth annual ACT Summit in Mauritius due to the attendance it will attract from ICT professionals and managers from throughout Africa, as well as other international participation, thus promoting the country's position as a supplier of ICT services and expertise.

Since the Chagos Islanders won the right to return to their homeland, following 30 years of exile, by historic Judgment of the High Court in November 2000, the Government has been claiming to know what to do about it. The same day as the Judgment, Robin Cook passed a new immigration law permitting those born on the islands and their children to return to all islands of the Archipelago except to Diego Garica where the US airbase is. But in June the Islanders' solicitor, Richard Gifford, was more

The ICT Stakeholder Forum is aimed at bringing stakeholders together to examine concrete projects proposals and models that will help integrate least developed countries into the global economy through the effective deployment of information communication technologies.

Mauritian sugar cane farmers breathed a sigh of relief as a severe tropical storm passed over the Indian Ocean island without incident. The country's weather services had previously issued a "cyclone warning, class one" and urged residents to stock up on adequate emergency supplies.

In mid-December, in the midst of the controversy over racist remarks by Senator Trent Lott, Bush administration officials intimated that a presidential trip to Africa in January would demonstrate the U.S. president's sensitivity to African American concerns. If President George W. Bush had followed through on his plan to visit five African countries, Africans would have posed hard questions. Is your policy "just another trip"? Or are you willing to commit real resources to responding to more