Molly Kane

On the heels of yet another G8 summit the global hand-wringing about the crisis of African development lumbers ahead with its parade of conferences, commissions and concerts proclaiming support for the poor from the seats of power. Conspicuously absent from the spectacle of solidarity is any acknowledgement of history. In fact, the discourse and politics of the West’s relationship with the African continent is deliberately, decidedly and dangerously a-historical.

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Congratulations on your excellent newsletter. I thought you might find the attached articles of analysis of the WTO meetings in Doha by Tetteh Hormeku and Martin Khor of Third World Network of interest to your readers.
We reply: Many thanks for sending such timely and interesting reports to KFSN. The articles: 'Six Green Men' and 'Doha: Shadow of Deindustrialisation Falls over Industrial Tariff Proposal' are featured in the Development section above. – Molly Kane, Inter Pares, Ottawa, Canada