Violent clashes have broken out in Madagascar between supporters of the government and the opposition.

Madagascar's capital Antananarivo came to a virtual standstill on Monday in answer to a call by the opposition for a general strike to protest the outcome of controversial elections in December.

Thousands of Madagascar children find themselves in domestic slavery, according to this piece published on the Daily Mail & Guardian.

Presidential candidate Marc Ravalomanana has called on his supporters to return to the streets in protest following a High Constitutional Court ruling on Wednesday to recount votes cast in presidential polls on 16 December.

A few years ago, two paleontologists discovered in Madagascar a tiny jaw fragment that could upend the current theory of when and where the ancestors of marsupial and placental mammals arose. Senior online editor Kate Wong later traveled with the researchers as they looked for additional fossils. This week, she describes her experiences in the field and shares photos of the strange animals that inhabit the island today.