Sokari Ekine

Beneath a duplicitous discourse of humanitarian and development assistance to Haiti, economic exploitation continues in the consolidation of the Free Trade Zone and creation of a mega assembly line in Caracol. Sokari Ekine traces this exploitation to the founding of the world’s first black republic in 1804

The new novel follows the lives of two women, a German executive and a Kenyan victim of sexual abuse living in poverty on the streets of Nairobi who decides to escape to Europe as an illegal immigrant.

href="">cc US D S[/url">What hopes does the first female AU Commission chairperson raise? The Lagos government has demolished an old more


What do the staggering billions of dollars spent on hair by black women say about them? Perhaps they should listen to some inspirational women. Meanwhile, another Nigerian wins the Caine Prize – but there are questions.


South Africa is silent as members of the LGBTIQ community are attacked and killed, while Islamist militants are destroying treasured historical buildings in Mali. It is all ‘thoughtlessness’.

Sudanese President al Bashir must contend with the anger of his own people on the streets; and in Egypt, the people are not convinced the win by Morsi is their own victory.


Attacks on LGBTI people in South Africa and Uganda continue while in Ghana a 20-year-old refugee camp is set to close. Protesters have returned to the streets of Sudan. And is former Egyptian strongman Mubarak still alive?


President Banda’s recent decisions seem honourable and pragmatic. But we should be concerned in the way Western aid is being used to keep Malawi under donor colonization.


One terrorist attack, one plane crash with the evidence pointing to serious criminal negligence and one ‘accident’ due to an incompetent crane driver or malpractice.


Whilst the Egyptian people continue artistically expressing themselves, the Egyptian government is busy painting over the walls of history in and around Tahrir square that document the uprising.