Sokari Ekine

The centenary of African revolutionary and Pan Africanist Kwame Nkrumah, Nigerian outrage at the depiction of their countrymen in a new South African science fiction film, and an inventive blackboard 'blog' from Liberia are among the topics covered Sokari Ekine's fortnightly round-up of the African blogosphere for Pambazuka News.

The death of Nigerian human rights lawyer and social justice activist Gani Fawehinmi, continued political violence in Zimbabwe, the deportation of African workers from Israel, and a rallying call for South Africa’s men to start speaking out against rape are among the stories covered in Sokari Ekine’s fortnightly round-up of the African blogosphere.

In this week’s round-up of the African blogosphere, Sokari Ekine looks at what people from Nigeria to Nairobi are writing about art, literature – and local cuisine.

Reactions to Obama’s Ghana visit and the contradictory and somewhat insubstantial speech he made there are the focus of Sokari Ekine’s fortnightly round-up of the African blogosphere. Some are ‘uncritical’ and ‘bordering on the sycophantic’, but there is also ‘balanced and informed analysis’ to be found, says Ekine.

cc Following the death of Michael Jackson, Sokari Ekine considers the motivation and meaning behind the pop icon's changing features within the context of the politics of 'pigment-ocracy'. While unconvinced by the idea that Jackson needed to change his features to become more 'marketable', Ekine concludes that the entertainer made a personal choice, one which ultimately did not more

The death of Michael Jackson, civil society in Africa, solar farms in the Sahara, the consequences of human conflict for nature and Wole Soyinka’s words on the Nigerian government’s proposed amnesty for militants in the Delta are among the topics covered in this week’s round-up of the African blogosphere.

Nigeria’s to quiet critical voices, the government closure of Fela’s club in Lagos, the death and diaries of a young are among the stories covered in a review of blogs drawn from the social more

Sokari Ekine pays her last respects to Fr Gerard Jean-Juste, a gentle man and a liberation theologist who dedicated his life to fight for justice for Haitians in Haiti and the US. the launch of the Nigerian military's latest campaign of violence against communities in the Niger Delta, Sokari Ekine looks at coverage of recent events in the African blogosphere, and finds the response to be ‘disappointingly sparse’. ‘I expected to read that there were Nigerians more

Sokari Ekine highlights attempts to ‘turn the forgotten people into the deliberately excluded and deliberately oppressed people’ with challenge of controversial legislation on slums in South Africa. Political patronage machines, the pope’s views on condoms, and the forthcoming more