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This week Sokari Ekine broadens her usual selection of blogs by Africans at home or in the diaspora to include the best of the ‘Afrophile’ bloggers. From analysis of the continuing violence in Madagascar, to Blackstar’s musings on press freedom and Sociolingo’s poetic pieces about Dogon paintings, Ekine finds that the ‘Afrophiles’ offer additional insightful commentary on issues not covered more

What happens when a state (Somalia) becomes a rudderless ship? This week's roundup of blogs by Sokari Ekine suggests that it is not just Somalia that is without direction. Abductions in Zimbabwe, the outing of gays and lesbians in Uganda and the election of Jacob Zuma as president of South Africa all call into question the direction of the leadership and status of human rights across the continent says Ekine.

Sokari Ekine reviews the following blogs:

Sociolingo’s Africa

Commentary more

Sokari Ekine reviews the following blogs:

Nigerian Curiosity
The Activist
Accidental Academic

The ubiquitous mobile phone in the hands of millions of Africans working as the primary tool for communication is fast becoming the core technology for supporting social change and the empowerment of citizens. Mobile phones are being used in innovative ways. In agriculture and fishing they are used to provide farmers and fishermen with up-to-date weather reports, prices for their products and transport costs. They are being used to send money, provide rural communities with up-to-date more

cc. In an extensive piece examining the reactions of Niger Delta women towards the militarised violence of the Nigerian state and its multinational oil company allies, Sokari Ekine discusses the iniquitous contrast in wealth visible in the abject poverty of the Delta region’s locals and the hugely profitable resource extraction of external players. Amounting to an more

Sokari Ekine reviews the following blogs:

Mama Shujaa
ScarlettLion - Uganda
Meskel Square more

As we watch the horrors taking place in Gaza, it’s difficult to say the words “Happy New Year” though of course this is what we all wish for each other – a new beginning and some hope for a positive change. However, as in January’s past we are faced with yet more violence, death and injustice. African blogs especially those in Egypt have been very vocal in their commentary and reports on the “War in Gaza”.

Sokari Ekine reviews the following blogs:

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Sokari Ekine reviews the following blogs:

Glory O Nigeria