Sokari Ekine

This past Sunday marked the Global Day of Action for Darfur. The aim was “to show world-wide support for the Darfuri people and to put pressure on our Governments to protect the civilians.” A number of African bloggers posted special pieces to mark the day.

‘Wordsbody’ - ( a literary blog by Molara Wood, wrote a moving piece entitled “Endgame in more

Last year, the UK’s ‘Sunday Herald Online’ reported that “… thousands of strong, young men at the razor-wire frontiers of these half-forgotten Spanish possessions launched their most spectacular raid yet upon fortress Europe...” Sokari Ekine explains that what drives most Africans to abandon their countries of origin is poverty and civil strife. She argues that the response of most Western European countries to the problem is influenced by cultural prejudice against those from the so-called “ more

'African Bullets & Honey' - ( takes issue with the Digital Indaba on Blogging taking place in Johannesburg this week. He sees the conference as a way of “codifying” the African blogosphere which will end up excluding those who cannot or do not wish to participate rather than produce an inclusive blogging more

Zimbabwean blog ‘Enough is Enough’- ( on opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai’s march from the MDC party headquarters to parliament last Friday. He wonders if the march, which was reported as being a “surprise”, was really that much of a surprise to the Zimbabwean authorities.

“What surprises me is that the police don’t more

Mshairi ( on Hollywood’s latest fad: the appropriation of Africa and Africans by big names such as Angelina Jolie, Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow (who appears in a photo with the words “I am African” written across the picture for the ‘Keep a Child Alive’ AIDS project). Mshairi questions the motives behind both the project and the likes of Paltrow and more

White African - ( is a blog largely devoted to developing communication technology ideas in Africa. In this post he is asking why there is a lack of interest from e-commerce sites on the potential of the African market:

“As the mobile telecoms and banks of East Africa try and develop platforms that allow people to tie into their particular system, they end up missing the big picture. It’s not about your more

As we near the first democratic elections in nearly 40 years in the DRC, yet another self-serving conflict is brewing in Africa. This time it is between Somalia and Ethiopia.

Ethiopundit - Ethiopundit ( believes the present near conflict between the two countries serves the interests of both Meles Zenawi and the Somali religious warlords.

“Both more

This week the BAWo (Blogs for African Women) project came to an end. The project begun as an idea in January this year with the aim of introducing young African women to blogging. 15 girls aged between 11 and 13 were selected together with 23 mentors. Each week two mentors would introduce a topic and the girls would blog on that topic. The actual blogging began in early May with some initial unanticipated difficulties.

1. The school’s Internet access is dial-up and the phone used to more

African in America - African in America ( writes about being made to feel guilty by Africans and African Americans because he “does not hate white people”.

“I mean seriously! I resent being made to feel guilty for embracing those White people that are not in denial, or are trying to get out of their denial. I am tired of having to defend some of my more

Mantis Thoughts From a Hot Rock – ( writing for Reunion Island comments on the passing of the World Cup and the reportage from the local media on the French team. Amidst all the fanfare, Marine Le Pen (the daughter of French National Front leader Jean Marie Le Pen) arrived on the Island.

..”Marine Le Pen - she who be the daughter of the father, more