Sokari Ekine

Pilgrimage to Self ( honours the “Unheard Voices” of women who “keep the wheels of society and their community and indeed Africa well oiled and turning but who never get any sort of recognition for it.”

“This is for the woman who watches as her country is ravaged by war…This is for the woman who has been sold into marriage more

Ethioblog - - reports that Nigeria is to send 671 university lecturers to Ethiopia as part of an aid package – The Technical Aid Corps. They will also be sending experts on Cassava. President Obasanjo is quoted as saying:

“Like Nigeria, all other countries in the African more

Over the past year, the number of Africans blogging has grown. However, women bloggers are still a minority in most country blogospheres except for Kenya were there is almost a 50/50 split between men and women. To try and redress this, two Nigerian women bloggers (Oreoluwa Somolu of Ore’s Notes - and Sokari Ekine of Black Looks - more

Yebo Gogo - ( comments on Thabo Mbeki’s decision not to run for a third term.

“I think history will view Thabo Mbeki kindly. South Africa's president had had to fill seemingly unfillable shoes when he took over from Nelson Mandela, but he's turning out to be as good - and in many cases, better - as Mandela”

Unfortunately Mbeki more

The main conversation in the Egyptian blogosphere this past week has been the Hamas victory in the Palestinian elections.

responds to Hamas’ request for the international community not to cut aid. He writes scathingly that Hamas should “not get a penny from the international community” since without “mammon” they will not be able to maintain their social service network.

“If the international community is to respect the choice of the Palestinians, the choice of the more

thinks about his love for anthropology and considers contemporary Nigeria a great subject for an anthropologist.

“How for instance do the same people who profess a rigid and unbending religious fundamentalism square it with their illicit sexual escapades, stealing government money, bending the rules, flamboyance and conspicuous consumption in the face of grinding poverty”.

He also recommends reading the Granta Africa edition with “stories and articles by Chimamanda Adichie ( more

Sokari Ekine points out that moving to open source requires not just a change in software solutions but a change in the culture of NGOs to more cooperative and sharing organisations. Ekine believes that issues of expertise and support will be overcome as take up of FLOSS increases and concludes by reviewing some innovative open source projects on the African continent.

Back in June 2005 KnowProse picked up on a paper by Gabriella Coleman, "The Politics of Open Source Adoption, NGOs more

The inauguration of Mrs Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has been the focus of a number of African bloggers this week.

writes that he was deeply moved by the inauguration ceremony. He makes a link between the inauguration and the celebration in the US of Martin Luther King, which took place on the same day.

“It was also not lost on me that January 15th is our (USA) national holiday for remembrance of the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. According to the Reverend Samuel Sumo Payne, more

African Shirts - ( is surprised that Nigeria’s prison population is nearly 4 times less that of the UK. The Nigerian Government is set to release more than half of its 40,000 inmates, which again he finds surprising.

“Call me biased against Nigeria, but I'd never have expected this to be the case. I still think of Nigeria as a country where people get more

What better way to start the New Year than a story of the millions of US $ lost by greedy people through Nigerian internet scams! Nigerian blog, Nigerian Times - ( writes a rejoinder to an article in the Miami Herald on Nigerian scammers. He admits that greediness and gullibility are largely responsible but adds more